The Firm specializes in assisting client’s whose credit rating has been damaged either through error, fraud, inaccurate reporting or due to a short sale, loan modification or foreclosure process.   A damaged credit rating can be devastating to you and your family’s financial well being.   Having an attorney who is well versed in the state and federal consumer laws can help you to get back on the right financial track. By employing a proven legal strategy, the Firm may be able to help you improve your credit rating.

Our Firm has handled thousands of foreclosures, short sales, debt lawsuits and loan modifications since the mortgage crisis began in 2008.  As such, we have witnessed firsthand the devastation and heartache a debt collection process or foreclosure or the threat of foreclosure can cause a family.  To make matters worse, many people continue to be affected even after they have settled their foreclosure or debt cases with their lenders as a result of ruined credit and in some cases, collection or deficiency judgment lawsuits.  We have developed a proven legal strategy based on Federal and State legal theories which could help you or someone you know get their life back on track.

Please note that our legal strategy is not a credit repair scheme like the many employed by so called credit repair agencies which only temporarily increase a credit score.   This is a lawsuit whose objective is to obtain a court order to permanently remove derogatory credit entries reported by your mortgage lender.  While this legal strategy may not work for every situation, we encourage interested parties to contact us to discuss the process and legal strategy we employ in more detail.

If you or someone you know is interested in this invaluable legal service, please contact my office for a free consultation.